High School Day

Students, make the most of the Great Lakes Writers Festival by attending High School Day, November 4


Submit work to be considered for workshops.

All participants who would like to have their writing considered as an object for discussion during the festival workshops must submit it to Jodie Mortag electronically by Oct. 8, 2022. Participants may submit material for workshops in one genre only—poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. It will then be forwarded to the featured writers, who will decide how many and which of the manuscripts (or excerpts thereof) there will be opportunity to approach.


Open mic is a popular part of High School Day.


Contest entries must contain the writer’s name and address on a separate title page, be in type, and submitted as clear, hard copy on Friday, November 5, at the festival registration table. Entries may be in each of three genres per participant, yet only one poem, one story, and/or one nonfiction piece may be submitted.

There will be two categories—high school students on one hand, all others on the other—of cash awards for first place in each of three genres—poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

The judges reserve the right to decline to award a prize in one or more of the genres. Judges will be the editorial staff of Seems, excluding the festival coordinator, Jodie Mortag.

Only workshop participants are eligible for awards.

Open Mic

Bring a few of your poems or a short prose piece to read in the Lakeland Pub. Reading your work in public can be a nerve rattling experience, but you can learn a lot about your work, about your audience, and above all, about yourself.

Learning about Writing

You can now earn a BFA in Creative Writing at Lakeland University.

In addition, in preparing yourself for a career in writing, it is important to read widely in all genres. Click on some of the links to the right to connect yourself with great poets and writers.